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Life is busy, but there's always time to play!

Everyone knows that kids need quality time with their caregivers—especially babies and toddlers! But what exactly is quality time? A general rule of thumb is that if you're playing with a kid and helping them grow, that's quality time! (How great is that?)

It can be hard, though, trying to think of new ways every day to support early development. That's why we've curated some helpful resources for parents and child care providers to help educate and inspire you to spend quality time with kids every day.

You can affect your child's entire life during the first 3 years.

The future of our children, our schools, our businesses, our communities, our state and our world depend on quality interactions now—during a child’s first 3 years of life—when vital brain development takes place.

The more opportunities you find to nurture foundations for learning today, the better you are preparing your child to become a contributing part of a successful community later on. And here’s the best part: quality interactions don’t need any extra time, money or special skills!

Looking for more excuses for quality time?