Reusing and repurposing common objects around the house is a great way to keep quality activities inexpensive. All you need for this one is an empty milk jug and some small toys or objects to keep your child engaged while helping them develop their fine motor skills.
  1. Wash out a plastic milk jug and cut the top off. The hole should be large enough for your child to comfortably and easily put small objects into it.
  1. Cut a hole in the side of the jug. The hole should be large enough for your child to easily pull objects out.
  1. Show your child how to drop objects (like small blocks, milk jug lids, or pieces of fabric) in the top part of the jug. Then show them how they can reach in the side hole to get the object back.
  1. Talk to your child about what’s happening with the objects in the milk jug to help them understand simple cause and effect. For example, “You dropped the block into the milk jug. Where is the block now? Can you find the block? Oh, there it is!”
  1. Encourage your child to keep practicing!