PINTEREST_1 This is a great activity to do at home or in the classroom to help develop children’s fine motor skills. Fine motor activities mostly involve the hands—holding, feeling, drawing, weaving, etc.—and build the foundation for a child’s future ability to tie their shoes, hold a pencil, and button a shirt. PINTEREST_2 Give your child an old magazine or two and supervise them as they cut out images they like with child-safe scissors. Help them glue the images onto their “board.” PINTEREST_3 While your child is cutting out images, ask them why they chose that image. Is it their favorite color? Is it a toy they like? An actor from a TV show they watch? This will encourage their communication skills and also help them realize they have likes and dislikes. PINTEREST_4 When you finish gluing the images on the “Pinterest” board, help your child label each image with the marker. Ask your child what is in the picture and then write below the image, spelling out each letter as you write it. This will bring an early literacy element to the project, helping your child with vocabulary and letter recognition. PINTEREST_5 After the board is done, hang it in your child’s room or classroom for them to enjoy!