photoCarving pumpkins together is a great opportunity for quality time with your kids. That’s why we’ve brought back our popular pumpkin stencils featuring Explorers Club mascots Chuck the Beaver and Pepper the Meadowlark. Kids love the icky, gooey feel of pumpkin seeds, so don’t forget to play a little before you get to carving. (You could also count the number of seeds inside the pumpkin together, then bake them for a tasty treat!) If you’re already a pumpkin stencil pro download our stencils and get goin’! Here are some tips to remember while carving:
  • Don’t let young kids carve. Instead, have them draw the pattern with a marker and clean out the pulp and seeds with their hands or a spoon.
  • Use the right tools. Specialty tools do a good job sawing through pumpkin rinds, poking holes, and scooping out innards without being razor sharp. The instruments are also generally small, which made them easier to control than most knives.
  • Take precautions. Carve in a clean, dry, well-lit area, keep your hands and tools clean and dry, and take your time.
  • Do decorative work before taking off the top of the pumpkin. Cutting the pattern on the surface before gutting the pumpkin will reduce the likelihood that you’ll put your hand in the pumpkin, where it could be vulnerable to injury.
DOWNLOAD CHUCK STENCIL >> DOWNLOAD PEPPER STENCIL >> If you need a little help, here’s a quick guide for how to use these stencils: Step #1: Print your stencil and use tape or thumbtacks to attach it to your pumpkin. Carefully use a small thumbtack or pin to poke along the black lines to start transferring the image. img_3088 Step #2: Remove the paper. Use a marker to connect the dots (kids love this part) to create the lines you’ll cut along. img_3093 Step #3: Carefully carve along the lines. Refer back to the print out if you lose track of what you’re doing! (Kids can help here by helping pull out the pumpkin pieces after they’re cut.) img_3096