Dragons are a hot topic in pop culture and even the littlest kids are interested. There’s something about imaginary creatures like unicorns, jackalopes or dragons that get a kid’s creative juices going! If your kid’s interested in dragons right now—or if you are—here’s a fun craft you can do together! Finished Materials Paper plate Markers or paint Construction paper Toilet paper rolls (or paper towels, cut down) Scissors Tape, staples or glue Step 1: Paper Plate Help your child cut 2 crescent shapes for wings. Dragons come in all shapes and sizes, so if your kid wants square wings—go right ahead! Step 3: Coloring Color or paint your shapes with favorite colors. (Kids love this part. If you’re using paint, don’t forget to lay down paper or plastic to protect your surface!) Step 4: Head and Tail Your dragon needs a head and tail, right? Talk to your kid about what the head and tail should look like, then draw those shapes onto a piece of construction paper. Help your kid cut them out. Step 5: Spikes A lot of dragons have spikes on their spine or tail—you can cut these out from more construction paper. Or if your kid really likes coloring, you can cut them out of plain white paper and ask them to color it in like we did here. Step 6: Legs The legs are just a plain old TP roll. Paint or color them any color—or if you’re feeling extra crafty, roll them with construction paper. (Whatever you and your kid are in the mood for. There’s no wrong way to make a dragon, after all!) Step 7: Leg Slits Cut your TP roll in half to make 2 legs. Then cut a slit on each side of your legs. This is where the paper plate body will slide into so your dragon can stand. Step 8: Assembled Tape, staple or glue your dragon’s body parts together and add finishing touches like eyes. You could also draw scales or cover it with glitter or add googly eyes—make it unique!