Rodeos can be exciting and memorable times for Wyoming families! Children love to mimic grown-up behavior, so why not let them pretend to be a cowboy or cowgirl by tie-down roping their favorite stuffed animal and developing their fine motor control skills. (No horse needed!)
  1. Ask your child to choose their favorite stuffed animal. (If it has four legs, that’s great. If it doesn’t, that’s great, too.)
Stuffed Animal Rodeo 1
  1. Talk to your child about what cowboys and cowgirls do at a rodeo. If you’ve been to a rodeo together recently, talk about what you saw there.
Stuffed Animal Rodeo 2
  1. Show your child how to wrap the legs of the stuffed animal with the yarn or soft rope. Talk to your child about how to treat animals with respect.
Stuffed Animal Rodeo 3
  1. Help your child practice wrapping the yarn or soft rope around the stuffed animal’s legs a few times.

5. For extra excitement, time your child to see how fast they can tie the stuffed animal’s legs. Encourage them to get a little faster every time.