Is your child having trouble with the concept of sharing? While this behavior is completely normal, it’s important to help your child understand what sharing is and why we share. SHARING_1 When your child has issues with sharing, sit down with them and ask them why they didn’t share X with their friend or sibling. Put a plate of snacks between the two of you and say, “Why don’t we share this snack together? Can you divide this snack for us so we both get the same amount?” SHARING_2 Prompt your child to alternate giving you a piece and taking a piece for themselves. Explain to them the concept of sharing and why it’s important to share with others. Ask them what they can do next time they want to play with a toy someone else is already using, and vice versa. This will help develop their sense of how to interact with others and forces them to do a little bit of thinking/problem solving. SHARING_3