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Printable Activities

Kids grow all day, every day. You can help give them a bright future with brain-boosting activities! As your ally in continuous learning, WY Quality Counts has put together a selection of FREE and fun activity printables for you to share with your family.

Animal Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a practice in self-discovery. Simple poses paired with intentional breathing will help your child develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. Download your FREE copy of yoga poses, print them and cut them out.

Germ Games

These quick and simple activities are a fun way to help your kids visualize how germs spread and how washing hands with soap can make the germs go away!

Emotions Card Game

These cards are a fun way to get older kids talking about emotions – their own and the emotions of those around them.

Morning Animal Workout

Exercising with your kids in the morning is a healthy way to start the day. Try adding this quick and fun routine to your mornings.

A Sea of Emotions

These cards can be used as a fun, any-day activity. But as your kids learn the actions on each card, their experience with this deck can turn into an easy way to call attention to and regulate emotions.

Oh the Feelings You Feel

The feelings your child has and the ways they express them are part of what makes them unique! It’s important to encourage your little one to show others how they feel. Use this FREE Dr. Seuss inspired printable to help your child explore their feelings!

Name That Feeling

Sometimes it’s hard to explain how we feel using words, but that doesn’t mean we should keep our feelings to ourselves! With this activity, encourage your kids to associate emotions with different symbols, and to use these symbols to show you how they feel.

Color Wheel

Help your kids discover how colorful their world is this hands on activity!

Living Room Camping

Camping inside is fun, easy, and local! You can camp any time of year in your living room, and it is a great way to spend quality family time together.

Discover Fall 

There’s so much to explore together in the fall. As the weather gets cooler, bring fall fun inside with this free activity! 

Float Your Boat

Children are naturally curious – that’s why they ask so many questions! Encourage their curiosity with engaging activities like this one: create your own boats, add weights to them and see if they sink or float!

Explore with Chuck and Pepper

Help Chuck and Pepper with their outdoor challenge!

This Is Me Treasure Chest

Appreciating the special qualities in ourselves and in others fosters self-awareness, self-confidence, and acceptance of differences. Learn about what makes each other unique by sharing your favorite treasures!

Emotions Bingo

When you ask about and acknowledge your kids’ feelings, you’re sending the message that feelings are valued and important. Use this activity to help your little one learn to identify important emotions. 

Chuck and Pepper Scavenger Hunt

Join Chuch & Pepper as they explore the outdoors – there’s so much to see and explore in nature together! As you discover items on the list, talk about how each item looks, feels, sounds, or smells!

Make Your Own Turkey Hat

 Get ready to practice your gobble with this free, fall craft!

Let’s Make Breakfast

Make the most of your time together and get your kids into healthy eating habits from the start by cooking together! Try this easy breakfast recipe, giving your kids different steps to help with.

Motor Skills Dice

Engaging your kids in simple activities, like the ones on these DIY Activity Dice, will help them develop the skills they need for everyday actions!

Triceratops Coloring Page

Download and print this free coloring page as you learn more about the Triceratops!  

Cheyenne Frontier Days Bingo

Download our free  Bingo Page and mark each square as you and your child explore Cheyenne Frontier Days! 

Learning Through Movement

Try these simple activities with your kids, and get moving!

Dress Up, Act Out!

Learning to take the initiative leads to independence and is an important part of development. You can help them master getting dressed on their own by making it a game!

The Cowboy State

Download and print this free coloring page as you learn more about the State of Wyoming!

Listening Walk

Turn your walk together into an activity!

I Tried Something New

Celebrate trying new things together with our stickers! At the end of each month, check in with your kids: How do they feel? Did they try anything new? What are they going to try next month?

Sidewalk Chalk

This activity gets your kids outside, being creative, doing science, and using fine motor skills!
stem balloon activity for kids

Balloon Rocket

This easy balloon rocket activity will spark your child’s curiosity and imagination!
stem balloon activity for kids

Backyard Activity Dice

Use this activity to spark your imagination and explore like Chuck & Pepper in your own backyard!
Kids Curious Minds Nature Badge Free Activity

Nature Badges & Bracelets

Help your kids engage in the world around them by getting outside and exploring what’s growing there.
STEM activity to do with your kids about why leaves change color in the fall

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Have your kids been curious about why leaves change color in the fall? Help them figure it with this STEM activity!
winter wonderland kids activity

Winter Wonderland

Bundle up! It’s snow time. Join Chuck & Pepper as they explore the winter wonderland in their own backyard.

new year kid interview activity

New Year’s Eve Kid Interview

Start a new tradition with your kids this New Year’s Eve! 

toddler stem activity

Apple Bubble Science Activity

You can help spark your kids’ curious minds with this simple science experiment.

easy recipes for parents and kids

No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls

Try this quick, simple, healthy recipe with your kids!

new year kid interview activity

Baby Sign Language

You can download, print, and hang up this instructional sheet wherever it might be convenient to have a reminder of how the signs are formed! 

new year kid interview activity

Spring Listening Activity

Step outside with Chuck and Pepper, close our eyes, and listen as spring comes to Wyoming. 

free download kids go fish cards

Go Fish Cards

Got any maps? No? Go Fish! 

WYQC Chuck & Pepper summer activity for kids

Explore Summer Feelings

What does summer feel like? Find out!

WYQC Chuck & Pepper summer activity for kids

Explore the Park

We don’t have to go far to explore the world around us. Just ride, walk, skip, or drive to your local park!


STEM Parachute Drop

Show your kids science, engineering, and math concepts with an activity that lets them build, climb, experiment, and think!
Free Thanksgiving Turkey Activity for Kids

Painted Turkey Art

This “resist art” activity will inspire your kids’ creativity and exercise their motor skills, too!

gratitude yoga activity to do with kids

Gratitude Yoga Flow

Breathe, bend, and be grateful. Take time to connect with your kids and talk about gratitude with this simple yoga activity.

Gratitude Tree free activity for kids from WYQC

Gratitude Tree

Create a Gratitude Tree together, hang it up in a shared space, and make conceptual and social-emotional connections!