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We’re tightening our belts, but still promoting quality child care.

June 2016

Due to the recent downturn in Wyoming’s economy, many state agencies and programs have received significant budget cuts, including WY Quality Counts. It’s a mixed blessing—we will have to pull back in some areas of our program, but now we can focus on growing other areas to help give Wyoming’s children a bright future.

First, scholarship dollars and grants are available on a limited basis.

Second, WY Quality Counts’ focus has always been on providing quality, free resources to child care providers and families. Given the high cost of print production, WY Quality Counts will significantly reduce the number of printed resources we have provided in the past and will not be producing a 2017 print calendar.

You can still order back stock of our products—like our popular Ever Wonder Activity Book, Field Guides, and Early Learning Foundations and Guidelines—at our Bonus Store.

Looking on the bright side, we are shifting our efforts and focus to our digital platforms. We have been building our digital resources for a few years now, but it is time for us to embrace them more fully so we can continue to support Wyoming’s amazing providers and parents—and their children!

How can you show your support for WY Quality Counts? There’s a lot you can do!

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Thank you to our program partners and supporters! We are looking forward to continuing to help Wyoming’s children grow and thrive.