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Quality in a Center or Classroom

Quality in a learning environment is so important! Kids and their early development benefit from positive, nurturing relationships with adults outside the home, which is where you come in!

Quality providers are licensed.

Training and standards help create a foundation for a safe, quality environment for kids.

Quality centers have a low ratio of kids to adults.

A low ratio means adults have a greater ability to be warm and responsive.

Quality providers have appropriate activities.

Developmentally-appropriate activities promote each kid’s age, strengths, needs and interests.

Quality centers have a regular routine.

Kids need a consistent, predictable balance of rest and active movement, including outdoor experiences.

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Classroom Ideas

WY Quality Counts is here to help you help our kids’ bodies and brains grow and thrive.
Check out our Pinterest board for strategies, activities and other fun classroom ideas to keep kids engaged and growing!