WY Quality Counts

The WY Quality Counts mission is to raise awareness about why quality child care matters for Wyoming’s children, their families, the future of Wyoming, and the future of the world.

How We Do It

Our program promotes quality everyday education and learning opportunities, and prepares children for success with developmentally-appropriate methods and materials for families and early childhood professionals to use. We create and share unique resources that encourage families to get involved in their child’s development, showing them fun and interesting ways to promote cognitive, language, social-emotional, and motor skills development.




Coordinating Partners

We also support early childhood educators and care providers, providing funding for Wyoming’s early childhood professionals in the form of scholarships and grants. Additionally, WY Quality Counts works together with other early childhood organizations across the state to promote educational opportunities, trainings, and community. Because WY Quality Counts is housed within the Wyoming State Department of Workforce Services, we have the ability to coordinate with multiple state agencies to achieve our objectives and goals

Quality & Accessibility

In an effort to help Wyoming families find programs, services, and support for themselves and their children, WYQC coordinated with early childhood partners across the state to create a central hub of information. The Community Resource Center supports our mission to instill quality learning and living practices in the people of Wyoming’s everyday lives, and makes quality resources accessible to everyone.