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Healthy development and lifelong learning habits need a strong foundation—and that’s where you come in!

Strong foundations are built one positive interaction at a time. With the tools available throughout this site, your family can create a lifetime of quality experiences by:
  1. Encouraging safe and active exploration, play and learning.
  2. Fostering stable, responsive relationships and consistent, nurturing interactions.
  3. Promoting health, nutrition and good eating habits.
We’ve brought together these resources to help families in understanding the importance of quality child care environments, family habits and other available resources that contribute to positive skills development—and ultimately set up your child for a lifetime of success. Be sure to check out our many social media outlets at the bottom of this page.

Domains of Development

Your child grows in so many ways. Learn about all of them!

Development Milestones

Use these milestones to track your child’s unique development.