Education, training, and professional development are critical for a child care provider to be the best they can be. That’s why we offer funding in the form of scholarships and grants.

As a 100% state-funded program, WY Quality Counts’ resources are subject to availability of funds. 

All scholarship and grant applications are due to the Department of Workforce Services between 45 and 110 days prior to the start of your training, degree or certificate program.



About Our Grants

Apply for a grant to offset the expenses of conferences, trainings, and other professional development programs.

 Grants are available to offset expenses of conferences and training intended to provide professional development to child care program owners and staff. Each recipient may be awarded up to $1,000 per state fiscal year, and funds may be applied to allowable expenses of training only. Upon completion of training, recipients must continue to be employed in a Wyoming-licensed child care program for the duration in the table below.

Less than $500

Hours: 100
Time Frame: Within 6 months

More than $500

Hours: 250
Time Frame: Within 9 months

How to Apply





If I apply for a scholarship or grant, should I pay allowable costs out of my own pocket and if so, will I receive a reimbursement?

No. Applicants should never assume that funding is approved. Each application is screened individually. Applicants will always be notified in writing of application disapproval. If approved the applicant will receive a contract to be signed. If applicants decide to pay any allowable costs out of their own pockets, they do so of their own will unless notified in writing prior.

Why am I required to complete and submit an official DWS training evaluation (survey) within 45 days of completion of each semester, coursework or training?

The evaluation allows DWS to gauge whether the participant is receiving adequate services and whether the WYQC services/training/instructor were adequate during coursework. DWS wants to ensure we provide the highest quality of services and that your entire training experience was top-notch. The evaluation allows us to collect data related to such and is very short in length. It takes approximately 5–7 minutes to complete after coursework completion.

Do I have to turn in receipts after going to a training and why?

The child care facility will be required to submit the following receipts, if applicable:

  • Registration fee
  • Motel
  • Air fare
  • Shuttle, baggage fees, taxi

Receipts must be submitted to verify that State of Wyoming taxpayer’s money was used for the intended purpose and for auditing documentation.

How do I figure the per diem for travel and training days?

If you travel on that day it is a travel day, even if there is training on that day.


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