Education, training and professional development are critical for a child care provider to be the best they can be. That’s why we offer funding in the form of scholarships and grants.

As a 100% state-funded program, WY Quality Counts’ resources are subject to availability of funds. 

All scholarship and grant applications are due to the Department of Workforce Services between 45 and 110 days prior to the start of your training, degree or certificate program.



About Our Scholarships

Our scholarships award each recipient up to $1,000 for college degrees or $2,000 for CDA credential programs!

Funds may be applied to allowable expenses only, including remedial classes, renewal certificates and second setting certificates. Scholarship funds, including costs of books, will be paid directly to the educational institution or CDA program provider. The lifetime maximum for scholarship funds is 150 credit hours.

Upon completion of the program, recipients must continue to be employed in a Wyoming-license child care program for the hours in the table below.

CDA Credential

Hours: 500
Time Frame: Within 12 months

Post Graduate Endorsement

Hours: 750
Time Frame: Within 12 months

Associates Degree

Hours: 1,000
Time Frame: Within 18 months


Bachelors Degree

Hours: 2,000
Time Frame: Within 24 months

How to Apply

Send applications to:  WY Quality Counts  |  5221 Yellowstone Rd  |  Cheyenne, WY 82009







Can I receive a scholarship to help fund my Master’s Degree or Special Education Degree Program?

No. Please refer to the list of applicable degrees in the College Degree Scholarships section.

What is the 45/110 day rule?

The 45/110 rule means that a scholarship or grant application must be postmarked at least 45 days and not more than 110 days before the start date of training (which includes any necessary travel time). This is necessary for the application to be screened, reviewed for accuracy and eligibility and then written into a contract. The contract is then sent to the Attorney General’s office, the participant and lastly to the Director of the Department of Workforce Services for final approval and execution. All signatures must be on the contract before training/ semester begins.

Can I fax my application?

Yes. Scholarship and grant applications may be submitted via fax to 1-307-777-5857. However, if the fax is unreadable or illegible, you may be asked to re-submit the document via fax or standard mail. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the fax transmittal was successful. We highly encourage keeping copies of the fax documentation and the transmission report. You can also mail information to: DWS – WY Quality Counts, 5221 Yellowstone Rd, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009.

Why do I need to put my anticipated graduation date for my degree on my scholarship application?

The mandatory employment hours start after you graduate with your designated degree. This is the purpose of your anticipated graduation date. This date is not set in stone. It can change as you continue taking course work towards your degree.

If I plan on applying for a CDA, am I required to list a STARS approved contractor on my application?

Yes, if the CDA program is not through Sheridan College. WY Quality Counts CDA scholarship applicants are required to list a STARS approved CDA contractor on their application. If an applicant applies to the Department of Workforce Services for a CDA program and does not list a STARS approved contractor, that application will be incomplete and will be denied. It is the applicant’s responsibility to coordinate with the trainer(s) that will assist them during their CDA program.

What does continuous enrollment mean?

Continuous Enrollment means enrollment in at least one (1) credit hour in each of two (2) semesters of a fall, spring, or summer semester within the course of a year based on enrollment date.

What if I can’t get my advisor’s signature?

Most importantly, get your application submitted on time. The Department of Workforce Services/WY Quality Counts will accept documentation from the college or training entity that verifies your coursework meets the requirements of your educational plan. We will also accept contact information for your advisor. Simply include the email address of your advisor on the signature line. The program manager will email your advisor for course approval and use the return email from your advisor as the signature.

What if I can’t register for my college classes until after the application acceptance dates have passed?

Complete the scholarship application with the class(es) you plan on registering for and submit the application on time. If you do not take that class, call or email WY Quality Counts with the class(es) you are taking for the semester. This can be changed on your application. If you do not notify WY Quality Counts of the change in class(es), the college might not invoice for the class that is not listed on the approval notification.

Do I have to work 2,000 hours for every scholarship I received for my bachelor’s degree?

No. The 2,000 hours is the total number of hours you have to work after receiving your bachelor’s degree for all the classes that WY Quality Counts funded during your schooling for the degree.

If I apply for a scholarship or grant, should I pay allowable costs out of my own pocket and if so, will I receive a reimbursement?

No. Applicants should never assume that funding is approved. Each application is screened individually. Applicants will always be notified in writing of application disapproval. If approved the applicant will receive a contract to be signed. If applicants decide to pay any allowable costs out of their own pockets, they do so of their own will unless notified in writing prior.

Why am I required to complete and submit an official DWS training evaluation (survey) within 45 days of completion of each semester, coursework or training?

The evaluation allows DWS to gauge whether the participant is receiving adequate services and whether the WYQC services/training/instructor were adequate during coursework. DWS wants to ensure we provide the highest quality of services and that your entire training experience was top-notch. The evaluation allows us to collect data related to such and is very short in length. It takes approximately 5–7 minutes to complete after coursework completion.

Can I fax or scan and email my signed contract back?

Yes, WY Quality Counts must have the signed contract in the file before the semester begins. The signed contract can be faxed or scanned and emailed if it is close to the deadline.

Do my employment hours count towards my mandatory employment hours while I am working on my CDA coursework or degree coursework?

No. The hours for the mandatory employment hours in the contract start: after the degree is awarded to you for a college scholarship, or after you complete the CDA coursework for the CDA program

When terminated from a program or grant training, why are approved participants required to repay all funding issued on their behalf within 30 days?

Wyoming State statute requires a recipient of a grant or scholarship to immediately repay all funds provided to the recipient together with attorney fees and costs incurred in collection, if the recipient breaches the contract. The repayment shall be made, or a repayment contract shall be signed, within thirty (30) days of the date on which the scholarship participant receives notice of termination from the program from the Department of Workforce Services/WY Quality Counts.

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