The Kindergarten Transition

A toolkit for families, educators, and communities

The transition to kindergarten is a big, exciting time for the whole family. There is a lot to think about before kindergarten even begins! There are also many things you can do to help your children and your families get ready.

Think of “the kindergarten transition” as an ongoing process that begins months in advance of the first day of school (don’t wait until August!) and continues well into the kindergarten year. If you start preparing for kindergarten now, then when the first day of school comes along, your family will feel confident and ready to take on the school year.

The Kindergarten Transition Toolkit created by the Wyoming Early Childhood State Advisory Council is intended to engage children, families, early childhood providers, school officials, and other community leaders with resources and best practices for establishing and fostering relationships – because transitions are primarily about the people experiencing them! The toolkit will continue to be updated as new collaborations happen, lists of resources grow, and the needs of Wyoming families, educators, and communities change.


Toolkit 1

Full Toolkit

This toolkit is meant to help develop systems and routines while keeping the focus on important relationships, so young children can have a positive experience in kindergarten and beyond

Toolkit 2

Family Toolkit

Families play an important role in supporting the transition to kindergarten. This toolkit is designed to help you find services, show you ways to support healthy development, and help you manage the process of the transition to kindergarten.



Toolkit 3

Educator Toolkit

There are many ways educators can support families as those families navigate the transition into kindergarten. For kindergarten teachers and elementary school officials, this can include connecting with families before kindergarten starts.

Toolkit 4

Communities Toolkit

In many communities, there are a variety of entities that are potentially involved in a family’s transition into kindergarten. Having a collaborative local effort among those providers can make it easier to provide support to families, and to create greater consistency in child experiences.



Community Resource Center

Visit the Community Resource Center, powered through Wyoming 211, to find information on Wyoming services, programs, and support!

Additional Resources for the Transition to Kindergarten

Young children learn from the environment around them, and through their relationships – with their families, with their peers, and with other adults in their lives. Children are exploring the world, and benefit from learning environments rich in social interactions.

free child development resources download

3 Vital Components of Social Connections

free child development resources download

3 Things Parents & Caregivers Can Do to Strengthen Social Connections

free child development resources download

Building Environments for Exploring & Learning

free child development resources download

Accessible Environments for Little Learners



Fostering a love of learning in the early years can create the foundation for lifelong curiosity. Children are most likely to thrive if the adults around them understand their abilities and interests, and give them the opportunity to engage in activities that support their development!

Kindergarten Readiness

Children come into kindergarten with many different kinds of experiences, and every child experiences transitions differently. Check out this page of kindergarten readiness tips, tricks, and resources from early childhood experts