Early Childhood Behavioral Consultants

When an early childhood educator is presented with challenging behavior from a child in their center or classroom, the behavior may be related to a mental health issue that should be addressed alongside the behavior itself. This way, focus is brought to the full problem, not just its expression. And, this gives the child, their family, and the child care professional an opportunity to work together to make positive changes both inside and out of the center or classroom walls.


What do Early Childhood Behavioral Consultants do?

Early Childhood Behavioral Consultants (ECBC) provide mental health consultations to early childhood programs. They work alongside early childhood professionals to share strategies and evidence-based practices that will help address and prevent challenging behaviors in children.

ECBC programs utilize in-person and virtual meetings, trainings, and workshops, as well as on-site observations, to collaborate with educators and child care providers as they work cooperatively with children and families to find the best solutions for positive outcomes. Their goal is to support early childhood professionals as they build relationships with the children in their care, recognizing that these relationships influence children as they grow, beyond their early childhood settings.

Behavioral Outcomes of Using ECBC

Increased social skill development in young children

Improvements in school performance and learning abilities

Increased understanding of emotional development
and needs of young children

Development of a support network on a local level
for children, families, and their educators

Reduction in difficult classroom behaviors

Reduction in expulsions and academic
interruptions for young children

Reduction in provider and parent burnout

Consultations in Wyoming are provided through two entities:

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