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Kids grow all day every day and you can help give them a bright future with brain-boosting activities. But don’t worry—kids don’t need fancy toys to learn. All they need is you.

Looking for something fun to do?

WY Quality Counts is your ally for keeping kids engaged in learning, so we’ve put together a selection of FREE resources for you to share with your family.    

When is it Safe to Go Outside?

It’s always important to protect your children from the sun, and in the summer it’s equally important to be mindful of the heat. 80 degrees Fahrenheit or below is…

Help Your Child Build Fine Motor Skills

Many of your child’s daily activities require fine motor skills. Your child can do more things for themselves when they have opportunities to practice these…

Nutritious Foods for Strong & Healthy Bodies

Assuring your children have access to nutrient-dense foods allows them to reach their developmental milestones with strong and healthy bodies and…
foster emotional development at home

4 Ways to Foster Emotional Development

Learn 4 ways you can encourage your child to express their feelings and support their emotional…

Epigenetics and Child Development

What is epigenetics and how does it relate to child development?

New in the bonus Store!

Because Wyoming is best explored with a kid by your side, we have developed a take-anywhere booklet of nature activities to work on together. Follow Chuck and Pepper on a voyage of discovery to learn about our state’s amazing lands, plants and animals.  

Wyoming Early Childhood Network

A key part of WY Quality Counts’ goal to support early childhood care is helping connect parents and providers to Wyoming’s many child care resources. Search