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Kids grow all day every day and you can help give them a bright future with brain-boosting activities. But don’t worry—kids don’t need fancy toys to learn. All they need is you.

Looking for something fun to do?

WY Quality Counts is your ally for keeping kids engaged in learning, so we’ve put together a selection of FREE resources for you to share with your family.

Serve & Return

“Serve and return” is about the everyday, back and forth interactions you have with your kids. It’s the practice of noticing and responding to their cues with eye…
questions to ask your child's pediatrician

Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician

It’s important to feel comfortable with your pediatrician and to have an open line of communication. Well checks are a perfect time to talk about how your baby is…
toddler learning from home tips

Adapting to Digital Learning

The first thing you should know while your kids are learning from home is that you are already doing things right! The foundation for all learning is caring and…

Wyoming Early Childhood Network

A key part of WY Quality Counts’ goal to support early childhood care is helping connect parents and providers to Wyoming’s many child care resources. Search