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Early Childhood Transitions

To transition means to change, and there are a lot of changes that happen in a child’s life! From physical changes as they develop and grow to changes in environments, routines, relationships, and more. 

There are small everyday transitions, such as going from play time to bedtime; there are big life transitions like bringing a new sibling into the family or starting school. But big or small, kids have a lot of feelings about transitions, and everyone experiences transitions differently, which can make them a challenge!

Adults play an important role in supporting kids through transitions, helping to make the experiences as positive as possible. We have gathered expert advice and created a series of resources that will help guide your family through some transitions you will experience together.

Check out these WYQC resources, too!
free child development resources download
Early Childhood Transitions
free child development resources download
Transitioning Home with a New Baby
free child development resources download
Helping Big Kids Adjust to a New Baby
Early Transitions Learning to Crawl
Early Transitions: Learning to Crawl
early transitions learning to walk
Early Transitions: Learning to Walk
read books with kids about going to kindergarten
Tips for Transitioning to Solid Foods
transitions early childhood education infographic
Starting Your Baby on Solid Foods
WYQC Early Transitions for Baby - Going to child care
Transitions for Parents – Taking Baby to Child Care
taking baby child care first time for parents
Baby’s Early Transitions – Going to Child Care
transitions early childhood education infographic
Moving into an Early Education Environment
Art for Transition Times
Activity: Art for Transition Times

Transitioning to Kindergarten

One of the biggest transitions kids and families experience together is entering kindergarten. We gathered some resources that can help make this transition easier, so you can tackle the first day of school with confidence.