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Connect directly with Wyoming families!


Bright by Text is a nationwide nonprofit organization offering bilingual, free text messaging that connects families with resources, community events, and education about their child’s development.

Messages about community updates are hyper-local, provided by partners throughout Wyoming – like you!

Bright by Text is an effective way to connect with members of your community through local, customized messages about events, available resources, and more that will direct families where to go to access details, sign up, or connect further.


Do you have a message you want to send to Wyoming families?

Become a Bright by Text partner!

To submit your content, simply fill out the form below. Your content will be reviewed by Bright by Text prior to sending it out. Here are some general guidelines:


Messages should be 140 characters or less

Include a call to action and an accompanying link to more information

Events must be free or low/reduced cost


Messages are sent in English and Spanish; if you need Spanish translation, Bright by Text will do this for you

Please submit your content at least 48 hours ahead of any events or other time-sensitive information!

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