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September Activity

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Have your kids ever been curious about why leaves change color in the fall? Have you? You can figure it out together with just a few materials you probably already have around the house (and leaves from outside the house)!

In this STEM activity, learn about chlorophyll and the hidden colors in every leaf.

You can affect your child's entire life during the first 3 years.

The future of our children, our schools, our businesses, our communities, our state and our world depend on quality interactions now—during a child’s first 3 years of life—when vital brain development takes place.

The more opportunities you find to nurture foundations for learning today, the better you are preparing your child to become a contributing part of a successful community later on. And here’s the best part: quality interactions don’t need any extra time, money or special skills!

August Activity

Nature Badges & Bracelets

Spending time outside gives kids a unique wonder about their world. Help your kids get outside and explore the world around them by discovering what's growing there! On your next family walk, hike, or stroll around the backyard, collect flowers, leaves, grass, and other treasures, and wear them!

July Activity

STEM Balloon Rocket

Spark your kids' curious minds with easy STEM activities! Making a balloon rocket is a fun way to help your kids learn about thrust, force, action, and reaction. In this balloon experiment, thrust comes from the energy of the balloon forcing the air out - and making the balloon blast off! You can do this activity inside or outside, and experiment with different sizes of balloons.

June Activity

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This activity gets your kids outside, doing science, being creative, and practicing their fine motor skills! The art you create together is sure to bring a little joy to your neighbors, too.

May Activity

7 Minute Morning Workoug

Exercising in the morning with your kids is a great way to start the day. Try this simple, seven minute workout together to get you heart rates up, stimulate dopamine and endorphins, and have some fun!

April Activity

Germ Games

Teaching your kids about germs will help keep them healthy. These quick and simple activities are a fun way to help your kids visualize how germs spread and how washing hands with soap can make the germs go away!

March Activity

A Sea of Emotions

Physical movement and emotional reactions go together like sunscreen and sandy toes. Our new sea-life themed emotional regulation cards can be used as a fun, any-day activity. But as your kids learn the actions on each card, their experience with this deck can turn into an easy way to call attention to and regulate emotions.

February Activity

Emotions Catcher

Talking with your kids about their feelings will help them understand that emotions are important. Putting together an Emotions Catcher while you talk about feelings helps make them a little more tangible and easier to comprehend!

December Activity

DIY Word Kit

Help encourage your child’s reading and language skills by playing simple word games together! This word building activity kit is a fun way for early readers to build their vocabulary and practice spelling. And it’s great for at home or on the go!

November Activity

Alphabet Soup

Receptive and expressive language are both important components of your child's development of communication and language skills. You can encourage their development with simple games, like Alphabet Soup! All you'll need are your ABCs and an imaginative appetite.

October Activity

You're a Thunderstorm

Kids learn how to listen as they grow. It's an important skill that will lead your kids' comprehension and communication capabilities and, like any skill, good listening takes practice. Encourage your kids to develop their skills with activities that have simple directions and fun actions, like pretending to be a thunderstorm!

September Activity

Dressing Up

Learning to take the initiative leads to independence and is an important part of development. An easy thing your kids can do to learn independence is get dressed by themselves! You can help them master getting dressed on their own by making it a game.

August Activity

Color Wheel

Fresh air and free play improve sensory skills, positively affect physical health and promote cognitive development. Let your kids get creative in the ways they play by encouraging them to use their imaginations while they explore outdoors. This color wheel activity will get them observing and making connections!

July Activity

Float Your Boat

Children are naturally curious - that's why they ask so many questions! Encourage their curiosity with engaging activities like this one: create your own boats, add weights to them and see if they sink or float! This activity will help you explain the science of why things float (or don't)!

June Activity

Motor Skills Dice

Gross motor skills are involved in coordinated movements by large muscle groups, like the arms and legs. Fine motor skills are involved in smaller movements, like in the hands and fingers, feet and toes. Engaging your kids in simple activities, like the ones on these DIY Activity Dice, will help them develop the skills they need for everyday actions!

May Activity

Learning Through Movement

Movement, dance, and active play can support your child’s growing physical awareness and excitement about the world, as well as stimulate their overall development! Through movement, children develop their thinking and communication skills as they explore and interact with their world. Movement also builds self-confidence. Try these simple activities with your kids, and get moving!

April Activity

Let's Make Breakfast!

Mealtime routines help build strong family relationships and healthy relationships with food. You can make the most of your time together and get your kids into healthy eating habits from the start by cooking together! Try this easy breakfast recipe, giving your kids different steps to help with.

March Activity

This is Me Treasure Chest

Appreciating the special qualities in ourselves and in others fosters self-awareness, self-confidence, and acceptance of differences. Learn about what makes your kids unique and let them learn about you by sharing your favorite treasures with each other! This activity will foster your kids' confidence and social-emotional development.

February Activity

Living Room Camping

Children learn form watching and imitating the important people in their lives - that's you!

When you let your kids help with activities you are engaged in, you're giving them the self-confidence to take on new things. For a fun activity they can help with every step of the way, go camping together - indoors! We created this check list of supplies and tasks to help get you started.

December Activity

Winter Reading Guide

Reading with your kids starts to benefit their long-term language development when they are infants, which means it's never too early to start reading aloud!

Books are adventures waiting to happen. And when it's cold outside, they are perfect adventures to have inside! Look for these titles at your local library for winter fun to have with your kids.

November Activity

Rhyme Time

Music is a great tool to help kids learn how to communicate.

Sounds, rhythms and words that rhyme help with receptive language, deciphering meaning, and phonemic awareness. To help support their learning - and have some fun together! - download our free Rhyme Time Scavenger Hunt game!

October Activity

Paint Like Pollock

“Communication” goes beyond speaking and writing. Kids learn to communicate when they express themselves, and when they begin to understand the feelings and ideas of others. To support their learning: pretend you’re infamous painter Jackson Pollock (who was born in Cody!) and create works of art using watercolors, finger paints, puff paints or whatever you have on hand. Hang up your paintings like they’re in a gallery; ask your kids why they chose different colors, what they were thinking about when they were painting, and to describe yours!

September Activity

Unleash Their Curiosity III

Help activate your kids' curiosity with books and activities! Try this: Construct a tower together using Cheerios, Play-Doh and uncooked spaghetti noodles. Explain to your kids that the Play-Doh is for their building’s foundation and important for getting their tower to stand up. Then, put spaghetti noodles in the “foundation” and stack Cheerios on them to build towers. Your kids will learn about designing, problem solving and building!

August Activity

Unleash Their Curiosity II

Do your kids describe things they see in nature? They're discovering science! Help activate your kids’ curious minds with activities that get them outside, asking questions and discovering answers. Try this: Remove a leaf from a plant and place it in a bowl of water; put a rock on top so the leaf is submerged. Leave the bowl in a sunny spot for a few hours, then talk about what you see– those tiny bubbles on the leaf are photosynthesis in action!

July Activity

Unleash Their Curiosity

Kids learn about cause and effect and finding solutions by being curious about the world around them, playing and experimenting. Help activate your kids’ curious minds with activities that get them outside, asking questions and discovering answers! Try this: Learn about shadows together by making a human sundial. Trace your shadows with sidewalk chalk at different times of the day and talk about why they move!

June Activity

Read Together, Play Together, Grow Together!

WYQC has a brand new app!

ReadPlayGrow has activities for on the go, information on early childhood development, ways to connect and more.

Download ReadPlayGrow for FREE on your iOS or Android device!

May Activity

Let's Talk About Strong & Healthy Bodies

Your child’s health is about more than regular visits to the doctor. It means developing gross and fine motor skills, self-awareness, self-help skills and nutrition. To help support their health, try doing fun activities together - like yoga! Or, go to your local farmer's market and pick out a healthy snack together!

April Activity

Let's Talk About Communication

Early stages of reading and writing often appear as play, but they provide the foundation for conventional literacy skills to mature.

You can do fun activities with your kids to help support their development, like coloring the ABC's of WYQC together!

March Activity

Let's Talk About Curious Minds

Play helps children develop wonder and creative expression, concepts about the world, and problem solving skills. To support their development, have some fun! Try this one: Make superhero cuffs from empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls, and wear them while you pretend together! Don't forget to take pictures while you’re being curious, and tag us on Instagram: @wyqualitycounts #wyqcexplorersclub

February Activity

Friends Forever

The elements of Social and Emotional Health include emotional and behavior skills. Children learn about themselves as unique individuals through interactions with the world around them. You can support their development with fun activities! Try this: make and decorate a card together for someone you love, and talk about what you admire about them. We created this downloadable card to get you started!

December Activity

Winter Fun!

Do your kids know how much fun there is to be had during winter, in the snow and the cold, inside and out? From snowmen and sledding to fireside story time, now's the perfect time to show your kids that there are interesting things to do every season of the year. Take a picture of your favorite winter activity to do with your kids, and tag us on Instagram! @wyqualitycounts #wyqcexplorersclub

November Activity

Let's Explore Fall!

Are your kids curious about all the fall colors they see, and the way the seasons change? Great! Now is a perfect time to explore Wyoming and learn about this colorful season. You can help make learning fun with our downloadable Bingo sheet (available in color or black and white)! Simply mark each square as you and your child discover fall things, and talk about what you find. And remember, the most important part is that you explore together!

October Activity

What's So Cool About Bugs?

Everything! You can discover new and interesting things about your kids by exploring your own back yard. Ask them: If you were a bug, where would you live? Have them count the number of legs on different bugs. Look for a bug you've never seen and make up a name! Or go on a bug scavenger hunt: find one on a plant, in the dirt, and in the air. Then, take a picture of your kids' favorite creepy crawly and tag us on Facebook! @WYQualityCounts