help your kids transition to kindergarten

The transition to kindergarten is exciting! For kids, it’s an opportunity to learn new things, master new skills, and build new relationships. But this transition can also be a time of uncertainty about the unknown, as routines, environments, and people change. Here are some things you can do to prepare.


Before school starts

  • Visit the school and meet the teachers; help your kids find their classroom, where they will sit, where the bathroom is, and walk around the playground
  • Start your school day bedtime and wake up routine early to give your kids time to adjust
  • Read books together about starting school and talk about the characters’ experiences
  • Tell your kids how excited you are for them to start school, and listen to any thoughts or concerns they may have


On the first day of school

  • Be positive! Let your kids know you’re proud of them for starting something new
  • Smile, hug, and say goodbye in a way that reassures your child you will see them later


During the first week of school

  • Know that the adjustment to school may take some time and support your kids by talking about it; ask questions about why they think school is fun and what they think is challenging
  • Instill self-confidence by celebrating your kids’ successes, like how they tried to print their name or that they sat quietly through story time


Throughout the year

  • Talk with your kids’ teacher regularly to find out how they’re doing, academically and behaviorally, and attend any parent-teacher meetings you can
  • Enjoy having a kindergartener! This is a big milestone for the whole family