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Ever wonder what’s under that rock in the garden? Curiosity and imagination are a powerful combination for early learning—this coloring and activity book will inspire both!

Because Wyoming is best explored with a kid by your side, we have developed a take-anywhere booklet of nature activities to work on together. Follow Chuck and Pepper on a voyage of discovery to learn about our state’s amazing lands, plants and animals.

Children are like plants: they seem to grow overnight! Hang this chart on the wall and mark your child’s height—even add photos, stickers or drawings—so you and your child can see just how fast he grows.

New changes in your child’s routine can bring big emotions. How does your child feel when it’s time to leave in the morning? How does your child feel when it’s time to go to the sitter or to school? How does your child’s age change the dynamic? Find helpful hints and resources in this guide.

Kids are growing and learning, all day every day. As they learn and grow, as they interact with the world around them and begin to understand how they fit into their world, kids experience physical, cognitive, and social-emotional milestones. Track your child’s development through observation and play!

Learning is a process, and reflection helps us grow. This interactive workbook will help you recognize and celebrate time with the children in your life, and includes tips on how to embrace a vision of quality for all of Wyoming’s youngest children.

The Early Learning Standards are an introduction to an expanded set of the Domains of Development for children ages 3-5. It includes key knowledge and skills to look for in each domain, and what to expect as children enter kindergarten.

Aprender es un proceso, y reflexionar nos ayuda crecer. Este libro de trabajo interactivo le ayudará a reconocer y celebrar tiempo con los niños en su vida, e incluye sugerencias sobre como abrazar una visión de calidad para todos los niños jóvenes de Wyoming.