Though it can be difficult to squeeze an extra activity into an already busy schedule, making time to move together is important because active parents raise active kids. And active kids typically continue to be active throughout their lives, which leads to lifelong habits that maintain their strong and healthy bodies.

Start simple by incorporating activity into your daily routine.


You can download this resource HERE.

Make time each day for an outdoor activity.

This can be things like a walk around the block, riding bikes together, a trip to the park, or playing “tag” in the yard.

Set boundaries on screens.

While some screen time is fine, especially if you’re using it together and interacting with your kids, too much sedentary time takes away from activity time!

Schedule time to play as a family throughout the week.

Let your kids help decide what activities you’ll do, which will get them looking forward to it.

Turn chores into an activity.

Kids love to do what their adults are doing, so let them help you sweep, mop, and dust. Bigger kids can help shovel and rake leaves! You can even turn picking up toys into racing games or dance parties.