Kids learn about relationships and how to interact with others from the adults in their lives – adults are their most powerful models. 

Use these four simple rules to guide how you engage in healthy interactions and relationships – with other adults and your kids!

4 Simple Rules Graphic

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Be Authentic

Authentic relationships begin with a genuine desire to get to know another person – to honor and appreciate their uniqueness. Interactions that are authentic are honest, sincere, and come from the heart.

Be Responsive

Interactions are responsive when you give another person what they need in the moment, whether it’s a smile, a hug, or assistance. Noticing and connecting with the cues of others builds trust, which makes people feel safe and cared for.

Be Consistent

Being steady and unchanging in your behavior with others makes you predictable, so people know what to expect from you. Consistent positive interactions lead to trusting relationships.

Be Reciprocal

Each person in a reciprocal relationship is equally respected and valued. The relationship is balanced, both people feel seen and heard, and there is room for collaboration and problem solving.


Adapted from the Coherent Path to Quality: