tips for learning from home infographic

The first thing you should know while your kids are learning from home is that you are already doing things right! The foundation for all learning is caring and supportive relationships in an environment that is safe, predictable, and nurturing, and home provides each of these. Here’s how you can build on that foundation.

Respond to Curiosity
Join your kids in their curiosity! Help them relate their discovery to prior knowledge, ask open-ended questions, help them find answers to their questions

Have Conversations
Be a good listener, use interesting, rich language and full sentences, talk about topics that are interesting to your kids.

Encourage Imaginative Play
Play is essential for building creative and flexible minds, solving problems, practicing self-regulation, and strengthening relationships!

Solve Problems Together
Allow your kids to be part of brainstorming solutions to everyday problems, like reaching an object high on a shelf or fixing the torn page in a book

Ask Questions
Start with leading questions like these and then ask follow up questions when you have listened to what your kids have to say:

How did you figure that out?
What does that remind you of?
What did you notice?
What part of the story was your favorite?
Why do you think that happened?