Taking your little one to child care can be a difficult decision and an emotional experience. Here are a few ways to ease the transition. Here are a few ways you can help ease your baby’s transition into their first child care setting.

WYQC Early Transitions for Baby - Going to child care

Prepare for the change

  • Even though they’re little, babies can feel anxious, especially when there’s a change in their routine
  • Talk to your baby about what you’re doing when you’re packing their bag, show them that you’re packing one of their favorite things, and describe where they will be going and what they will be doing there

Be engaged during drop-off

  • Giving your baby your full attention will make them feel special and less like they are being left behind

Don’t delay the goodbye

  • Try to limit drop-off time so your baby doesn’t think you’re staying all day, and so they can begin to find their own place in the new environment
  • Make sure your baby sees you leave so they are not confused when you’re not there

Be engaged during pickup

  • Give a big smile and a big hug

Your baby has been away from you for what feels like a long time; giving them attention right away will let your baby know you are back and reinforce that you will always come back