child development tips for parents

5 Ways to Engage in Your Child’s Development

Your kids are growing and learning all day, every day. You can make a positive impact on their development by getting involved in these five simple ways.

Talk, Listen, Respond

Talk to your kids – talk about your day, make up a story, share memories, and talk about your emotions. Ask your kids all kinds of questions, listen to what they have to say, and respond. Do this with kids and babies of all ages! This not only helps develop their communication skills, vocabulary, curiosity, and motor skills, it also lets your kids know they matter.

Go Outside

Being outside benefits children in every domain of their development. Outside, they’re more likely to explore the world around them, be inventive, and take risks. Being outside also lets them experience more with their senses, it strengthens their immune system, and promotes resiliency and self-advocacy. 

Play Together

Kids learn through play. It develops their cognitive skills, physical abilities, vocabulary, literacy skills, creativity, and confidence. When you play together, your kids also learn to communicate and collaborate, and that they’re important.

Be Their Role Model

Your kids will do what you do; they learn a lot through modeling. They’ll pick up on the way you speak to them and your physical actions. They’ll also learn through your emotional reactions, your behaviors, and the way you solve problems. Being intentional about what you say and do around your kids will have a long-lasting impact.

Collaborate with Care Providers & Educators

The other adults in your kids’ world also want what’s best for them, and they’re doing what they can to foster growth and learning. Establishing a strong, communicative relationship with educators and care providers will create a positive foundation for development, and benefit your kids and your family!