Library Trip

What's going on at the library this weekend? Libraries often have fun, kid friendly activities. Check out a book about animals while you're there.

Home Inspector

What do you need to do to make a home safe for the animals and people who live there? Play home inspector with your child. check to make sure appliances are safely plugged in (or unplugged), windows are shut properly, and light bulbs are working.

Imagination Only

Challenge your family to unplug from screens this weekend. Practice using your imagination by seeing how many games you can invent with just an empty cardboard box.

Beautiful Science Project

Do oil and water mix? Choose a small empty bottle or jar with a tight-fitting lid and fill it 1/3 with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring. Shake. Fill the rest of the bottle with oil. Shake again. Tip the bottle upside down and watch the beautiful results.

Color Talk

Young children can help with housework. Ask your child to help you separate white clothes from colored clothes to get them ready to wash. Talk about the colors as you sort.

Winter Games

Try a new winter sport! It's cold out, but you can still have fun snowshoeing, sledding, ice fishing, or inventing your own game!

Nutritious Choices

At the grocery store, talk to your child about making healthy choices. Let them choose between two nutritious products (fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc.) that are both good choices. Praise your child for making a healthy choice.

Neighborhood Watch

Go for a walk in your neighborhood and count the number of houses or cars on the block. See if any look the same or if they are each different.

Recycled Craft Time

Save up recycled materials like egg cartons, paper towel tubs, and milk jugs for a week. Now build a structure using those materials.

Local Building Tour

Take a drive around town. Can you find the largest building? The tallest? The longest? The shortest? What other features of buildings in your town can you identify?

DIY Playdough

Make your own playdough. Mix 1 C flour and 1/4 C salt. Add 1/2 C water and food coloring. Knead until doughy. Build a structure using playdough and popsicle sticks.

Crazy Dress-Up Party

Play dress-up by exploring the very back of the closet. Who can assemble the most ridiculous outfit using some of your family's out-of-style clothes and accessories?

Follow the Leader

Play a variation of "Follow the Leader" where the leader makes silly faces, makes up a fun dance, or says something that everyone else has to repeat. Take turns being the leader.

Leaf Rubbing

Find a few unique leaves in your yard or a local park. Help your child create a leaf rubbing by pressing a white sheet of paper over a leaf and rubbing it with the side of a crayon.

Take a Hike

Take a hike this weekend. Discuss with your child what you need to pack for a hike, like sunscreen, water, proper shoes, and a hat.

Teddy Bear Picnic

Encourage your child to arrange a picnic for their teddy bears. How many bears do you have? How many plates and cups do you need?

Camping Trip

Camping can be a memorable family activity. If you can't get away this weekend, set up a tent in your yard or make one out of blankets in your living room.

Ride ‘Em, Cowboy!

Are there any rodeos nearby? Go check it out! Ask your child beforehand to guess what they think they'll see and talk afterward about whether they were right.

Grocery Store Exploration

Spend time with your child in the produce section of the grocery store. Explore the different fruits and vegetables, comment on the colors, and talk about where they are grown. Try bringing home something new to eat.

Walk With the Animals

As you take a walk, pause to observe an animal or an insect. Make up a song with your child about what that animal or insect's life is like.

Attend a Concert

Check your community event calendar and see if there are any free concerts this weekend. If there aren't, have your own concert at home or have your child help make their own playlist of music!

Share the Music

Do you know someone who plays a musical instrument? Invite them over to share their talent. Talk about the instrument they play and let your child explore it.

Good Listener

Go outside and find a spot to sit and listen quietly. Count all of the sounds you hear. Talk about the different sounds and their sources.

Hit the Pool

Celebrate the weekend by swimming at your local pool or reservoir. Don't forget an inflatable ball and some sunscreen! Bring some beach music along!

No Ants Invited

Any excuse for a picnic! Ask your child to be "in charge" of the food and let them pick their favorite healthy foods to take along.

Take It Easy

Take it easy this weekend. Lie down in the grass with your child and find shapes or objects in the clouds. Do you see the same or different things?

Explore Your Neighborhood

Go on a walk in an unfamiliar part of your neighborhood or town. Talk to your child about what you like about this new area and what you like about your own street.

“If You’re Happy and You Know It”

Teach your child the song "If You're Happy and You Know It." Get rowdy clapping your hands, stomping your feet, and turning in circles.

Leaf Party

Have your child help tidy the yard this weekend by collecting fallen leaves together. Don't forget to allow some time for playing in the leaves before bagging them!


Dinosaur weekend! Search online, visit a museum or read a library book about dinosaurs. Which is the scariest, weirdest or most impressive?

Pick Up Game

Cleaning involves the whole family. Start a game that whenever your child enters a room, they have to pick up and put away two objects. Invent other "rules" to make chores fun.

Bake Cookies!

Nothing's better on a cold day than warm cookies! Ask your child to help you measure ingredients and mix them together. Praise them for being a great helper.

Hot Lava!

Play the "Hot Lava" game—lay out blankets, towels and cushions in a course through the house. The floor is "lava" and the only way to make it to the other side is to step on the "safe" blankets.

“I Love You” Card

With your child, make an "I Love You" card for a friend or family member. List the different reasons you love that person—"I love you because you make me smile."

2016 Look Back

Reflect with your child on what memories and accomplishments you made together this year. Look back through the calendar and write down some memories on the following page.