Promoting physical health and development, including daily living skills, enables your kids to explore and function in their environment, which supports their development in all other domains.

Your kids will demonstrate they are developing their daily living skills through understanding basic health, nutrition, and safety practices, such as:

  • Engaging in healthy behaviors with physical activity
  • Practicing personal health and hygiene skills and self-care routines
  • Exploring and enjoying a variety of nutritional foods and developing healthy eating practices
  • Developing an awareness and understanding of safety rules and routines
  • Learning to make safe and appropriate choices
  • Assessing situations and taking appropriate risks

Kids learn best when they are given time to explore deeply and revisit experiences over time. This builds on their existing knowledge and helps to make important neural connections. You can help your kids learn daily living skills by revisiting activities like playing dress up, cooking together, making art, using tools like scissors, and letting them help when you do simple chores around the house and yard.

Adapted from the Early Learning Standards

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