Your kids will demonstrate they are developing their social skills and building authentic relationships by:

  • Recognizing and labeling others’ emotions
  • Expressing care and concern towards others
  • Recognizing how actions affect others
  • Asserting themselves and communicating their preferences in age-appropriate ways
  • Participating collaboratively in a group

How do they get there? With time and practice!

Kids need the opportunity to interact with you and other adults, and with kids in a variety of age ranges in order to build strong, positive relationships. These relationships will help your kids develop a sense of identity and belonging, manage their emotions, recognize and appreciate diversity, and build skills for interacting effectively with others throughout their lives.

When kids are building relationships with adults, they will:

  • Show trust
  • Develop emotional bonds
  • Interact and communicate comfortably
  • Accept or request help

When kids are building relationships with their peers, they will:

  • Engage in and maintain positive interactions
  • Engage in age-appropriate social play
  • Use problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts


Adapted from the Early Learning Standards

You can download this printable HERE.

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