Your kids’ first attempt at the writing process is called emergent writing, and it begins when they’re as young as 2 years old! When kids create drawings and symbolic markings, they are imitating the act of writing to represent their thoughts and ideas.

Emergent Writing Concepts Graphic

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The Emergent Writing Framework


Conceptual Knowledge

Learning that writing has a purpose, and that print is meaningful

  • Kids become aware of things in their environment, like the red street sign says “Stop”
  • Recognition that certain symbols, logos,and markings have specific meanings
Procedural Knowledge

The mechanics of letter and word writing

  • Learning the alphabetic code, including how to form letters and the sounds associated with each letter

  • Practicing and developing fine motor skills and finger dexterity is beneficial

Generative Knowledge

Writing phrases and sentences that convey meaning

  • Translating thoughts into writing

  • Experimenting with different forms of writing, such as creating lists or composing a story


Set the Foundation
  • Encourage drawing, scribbling, and imitating writing
  • Practice fine motor skills
  • Read together as much as you can – books, signs, menus, anything!
  • Label things with your kids’ names and talk about the letters in their names
  • Send letters together – have your kids dictate to you and watch as you write


Adapted from NAEYC