Rolling over is your baby’s first experience moving their entire body and it’s a big step in their sensory development. While rolling over is a skill your baby will naturally learn, there are ways you can encourage them to meet this milestone!

How to Encourage Your Baby to Roll Over

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Give your baby tummy time two or three times each day.

Tummy time strengthens your baby’s neck, arms, core, and back muscles, which are needed to roll over.
You can make this activity exciting by singing songs, shaking toys, and lying down next to them.

Cheer your baby on!

Rolling over may surprise your baby, or even frighten them at first. Respond to your baby with excitement so they know moving this way is a good thing!

Place a toy on the floor just out of your baby’s reach. your baby on!

When your baby moves freely on the floor, they begin to feel their body and push off in different directions, which is an important sensation for learning to roll over.
Motivate movement by using toys that are interesting to play with and attract their attention, such as colorful or noisy ones, which they will want to move toward.