Your baby’s body language can tell you how they are feeling and what they may need. Responding to their body language helps your baby feel safe and seen, which also supports bonding and relationship building!

Every baby has their own signs and signals, which you will understand as you get to know each other. To start with, here are some general cues your baby may use.

I’m Hungry

Making sucking noises or turning their head as if to nurse.

Sucking their fingers, which reminds your baby of breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

I Want to Play

Eyes are wide and bright, making eye contact, smiling, and making smooth movements.

Reaching their arms out towards you or grabbing for your finger.

I’m Tired

Far away stares and rubbing their eyes.

Losing interest in people or toys, fussing, and yawning.

I Need a Break

Turning their head away or not making eye contact can signal overstimulation or boredom.

Squirming or kicking indicates it’s time to do something different.


You can download this printable HERE.

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