Ways to play with sheets for kids


Play, learn, imagine, and grow with your kids using a single sheet and things you already have around the house.

1. Shake It

Lay the sheet flat on the floor and let your kids sit on top. Adults on either end can shake the sheet while your kids walk or crawl on top. Or, have your kids sit or crawl around underneath the sheet as you shake or swing it above them, and then let the sheet billow down around them.


2. Make a Tent

Lay the sheet over two chairs or a combination of furniture for your kids to crawl inside. Add “camping” things like a flashlight, a blanket and pillow, and a book about being outside.


3. Popcorn!

Lay the sheet on the floor and place soft balls or stuffed animals on top. Have your kids help you shake the sheet while you chant, “Pop, pop, pop, says the popcorn in the pan. Pop, pop, pop, catch me if you can!” On the last line, shake the sheet very fast and watch the balls fly off – let your kids chase and find them!


4. Bullseye

Lay the sheet on the floor and place a colored plastic or paper plate in the middle. Gather small stuffed animals or pillows and take turns throwing them at the target.


5. The Floor is Lava!

Lay the sheet on the floor and put a path of pillows on top of it, from one end to the other. Show your kids how to step or crawl over the pillow path so they don’t touch the “lava” (the sheet).


6. Fun with Shadows

Drape the sheet between two chairs to make a flat curtain. Shine a flashlight onto the sheet and let your kids discover their shadows as they hold their hands up in the light. Offer props like a hat, favorite toys, or stuffed animals that they can make shadows with as well.



Adapted from ZERO TO THREE