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questions parents can ask their pediatrician It’s important to feel comfortable with your pediatrician and to have an open line of communication. Well checks are a perfect time to talk about how your baby is growing and what you can expect over the following months.

While your pediatrician will have a lot to say, it can help to come prepared with your own questions. Here are a few, and you can always ask what developmental milestones to be looking for, too!

1 – 3 months

How much should my baby be eating and sleeping?
Should I wake my baby to feed?
What vaccines will my baby receive at the next visit?
When should I stop swaddling my baby?

4 – 6 months

My baby is drooling up a storm, could they be teething already?
Should I discourage my baby from sucking their thumb?
What are the benefits of sleep training?
When is it safe to transition my baby to a crib?

6 – 9 months

How do I introduce foods? What kinds of foods should I offer?
Do you recommend baby-led weaning?
How can I make sure my baby is getting the nutrients they need?
Should I worry about food allergies that run in my family?

9 – 12 months

How do I take care of my baby’s teeth?
What are the best learning activities I can introduce?
Is it normal that my baby is clingy around strangers?
When should my baby start walking?

12 – 24 months

Can I start putting stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets in their crib?
When should I schedule their first dental checkup?
When should I start thinking about preschool?
What’s the best way to handle tantrums while still letting them express their feelings?