Taking a few minutes to engage in simple, everyday relaxation techniques can help sustain your energy throughout your day. Even kids can relax and focus if you use movement, sound, and a little bit of silliness!

Rules to Relax By

Make it Fun
Plan multiple activities so you can switch things around if your kids start to lose interest.

Keep it Brief
As little as one minute of seated mediation can be an achievement for a young kid; pay attention to your kids’ limits so they’ll stay engaged.

Early Transitions Learning to Crawl

You can download this resource HERE.

Relaxing Techniques

Start with Belly Breaths
Have your kids imagine filling their stomachs with air and then release it like they are a balloon. Do this five times, inhaling through the nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth.

Play Music
Do your kids have favorite songs? Take turns singing different parts or ask them to listen for specific words or notes. Close observation is a form of mindfulness!

Take a Walk
Breathing and observing your surroundings also work while you’re moving around. Go for a walk together and identify as many different types of plants, animals, or neighbors as you can.

Show your kids how to roll their heads around from side to side and from front to back with their eyes closed. This technique helps relieve neck tension, increasing blood flow to the brain, which is a natural way to relax.

Laughter is an instant stress reliever! Encourage laughter with stories, games, jokes, songs, books, or anything silly that gets everyone smiling.

Adapted from Child Development Institute