Self-love means appreciating yourself and treating yourself with kindness and understanding. Self-love means accepting yourself for who you are.

Why Self Love is Important for Young Kids

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Kids need to practice self-love because the way they perceive themselves plays a big role in their relationships, their resilience, and in how they approach learning.

Values like self-esteem and self-confidence are a part of self-love, and these affect kids throughout their lives. Kids who trust and feel good about themselves:
  • Have confidence to explore and try new things
  • Try their best and keep trying if they fail at first
  • Do things independently and exercise choice
  • Are more likely to engage in relationships with peers

Teach your kids about self-love early on! You can start by modeling self-love behaviors in yourself:
  • Speak kindly about yourself – avoid using negative phrases
  • Use affirmations like “I can do this” and “It’s OK to make mistakes”
  • Move and stretch your body
  • Eat food that is good for your body and food that makes you feel good
  • Maintain healthy relationships