Parents have a lot on their minds. We are literally influencing the architecture of our kids’ developing brains, so it’s no wonder we pour our physical, mental, and emotional resources into their wellbeing and overlook the importance of taking care of ourselves!

However, this can leave parents feeling stressed and isolated, which is why it’s important to be supported by family, friends, neighbors, or community resources.

How Community Supports Families

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Positive social relationships that provide emotional, informational, instrumental, and spiritual support can increase your family’s strengths and help enhance your kids’ development.

Healthy social connections encourage families to:

  • Engage in events and interactions that are beneficial for their mental health
  • Be aware of community events that are fun to do with their kids
  • Have opportunities for social interactions with other adults and their kids
  • Lean on a friend when they’re feeling frustrated
  • Have positive interactions with their kids

The challenge is learning how to reach out for support. Here are a few things to try:

  • Meet other parents at your kids’ child care center
  • Attend a parent education class or support group
  • Organize an event in your neighborhood to meet your neighbors
  • Meet other parents while your kids play at the park or during storytime at your local library
  • Nurture existing relationships through simple actions like reaching out to see if a neighbor needs help, regularly meeting a friend for coffee, or calling family members just to check in

Parenting is a joy – but it can also be overwhelming. Know that you don’t have to do it alone!

Adapted from Let’s Grow Kids