Let your kids choose to read books that are interesting to them, even if it’s not something you would have read when you were little. Here’s why:

The Power of Choosing What to Read Graphic

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You can help your kids explore their interests and by gently guiding them with conversation about what they want to read. Would they like to read something funny? An adventure? A fairytale or a book about real animals?
What drew them to that book? Was it the illustrations? The characters?

Letting your kids choose what to read shows you trust them, which allows them to feel empowered to make other decisions throughout their day.

Brain Function
When kids (and adults!) read books they are absorbed in, it improves brain functions and memory. It also improves language skills by familiarizing kids with sentence structure and vocabulary, and introduces concepts of time through the order of events that happen in the story.

If kids are able to read books with characters they care about, they can apply it to real life relationships and situations, which encourages empathy and emotional literacy.

When you let kids choose what to read, they enjoy it! Experiencing literary interest early on, kids are likely to become more avid readers throughout their lives.