In 2019, Wyoming was awarded a Preschool Development Grant. With the funds, through a network of early childhood partners, the state is strategically building on existing programs and initiatives to supply Wyoming’s leaders, programs, and families with the knowledge and tools they need, so they can provide high quality care and education experiences for all of Wyoming’s youngest learners.

Through the Preschool Development Grant, new resources are being created for families and early childhood educators, events and trainings are being conducted, systems are being updated, and there’s a whole lot of collaboration taking place across Wyoming’s early childhood sector.

WYQC hosts many of these resources on our website, on our social media platforms, and in our monthly newsletter, because the mission of the Preschool Development Grant blends so seamlessly with ours!

Want to know more about what we’ve accomplished with the grant so far? Learn more here.

You can download this printable HERE.

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