A good foundation of communication between you and your kids is important for developing positive, healthy relationships, and it will create a safe space for you to talk as a family about difficult topics as they get older.

Why It’s Important to Communicate with Your Kids

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Babies and young kids have the ability to understand language before they can speak, so it’s important to be aware of how you are speaking to them from the start. By establishing a clear line of communication early, you will help your kids build a foundation for developing different skills!

Through good communication, your kids will gain:

  • Positive two-way, reciprocal communication shows your kids their thoughts and feelings are valuable.
  • As they grow and learn, kids need words of encouragement and praise in order to thrive. 
  • Listening to your child boosts their self-esteem and creates a space for them to feel worthy and loved.

  • Kids with a strong sense of confidence are more motivated because they are not afraid they will receive negative feedback from their adults.

Stress Management
  • Managing stress relates to a sense of security within relationships, which in large part comes from open communication.
  • When kids feel secure in their relationships, they have space to make mistakes without fear of getting in trouble. 
  • This allows their nervous systems to develop and naturally regulate!

Strong Sense of Self-Concept
  • A person’s self-concept is formed by their experiences and how they are treated by the people closest to them.
  • Making your kids feel important early on in life by engaging in communicative, reciprocal relationships helps them form a good view of themselves.

Healthy Relationships
  • The first relationship your kids have is with you! The rest of their relationships will mirror yours. 
  • Forming a foundation of communication with your kids will give them the skills they need to communicate well with others.