Muddy Footprints

Leave your tracks in the mud outside and talk about the differences between their footprints and yours!

Dig in the Dirt

Let your child dig in the dirt while you explain what they’re seeing and feeling.

Self Portraits

Draw two self portraits, one with a happy face and one with a sad face. Talk about feelings.

Counting Swings

At the park, count together how many times you push your child on the swings.

Taste & Texture

Let your baby touch and taste different food textures! Talk about each one.

Colorful Nature

Make a nature color palette! Go for a walk and collect something of each basic color.

Silly Songs

Make up a silly song for your baby, describing things you are doing.

Pretend Dinner Date

Role-play a restaurant visit. What do the server and customer do and say?

What’s in a name?

Together practice writing your child’s name and your name. Ask your child to circle any letters you have in common.

Put it on the Map

Take a walk around the block and when you get home, draw a map of what you saw.

Share a Memory

Sit together and tell your favorite nice story about each other

Nature Walk

Go for a walk together, taking time to feel tree bark, hold a leaf, pinecones or rock, and make scratches in the dirt.

Frog Hop

How many times can you hop like a frog! Can you ribbit and hop at the same time?

Balancing Act

Tape a line on the floor in different ways (zig zag, curvy or straight). Ask your child to walk and balance on the line!

Day Dreamer

What shapes can you see together in the clouds?

Body Language

Touch parts of baby’s body like their nose, toes, and belly button, and name them as you go!

Code Word

Pick a book, and then pick a code word. Every time you read the code word have your child do a jumping jack.

Finish the Story

Start a story and then ask your child to create their own ending!

Thoughtful Thinking

Encourage your child to think of a thoughtful thing they can do for someone else today.

Look Up!

What shapes can you see together in the clouds?

H is for…

Home. Practice writing your home address together!

G is for…

G is for… the color green! Ask your to child point out items around the house that are green.

Kid Joke #15

What do cats eat for breakfast? Mice Crispies!