Show and Tell

Give your kid a topic, like his favorite fruit, a favorite book, or a road trip with the family. Have them share an item related to that topic.

Song Mix Up

Give your kid a famous nursery rhyme and have them sing it like a famous singer: Sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” like Elvis

Favorite Thing

Have your kid tell you about the best part of their day. Then tell them yours!

Picture Book

Have your kid “read” a story to you by describing what’s in the pictures.

What’s in a name?

Together practice writing your child’s name and your name. Ask your child to circle any letters you have in common.

Code Word

Pick a book, and then pick a code word. Every time you read the code word have your child do a jumping jack.

Finish the Story

Start a story and then ask your child to create their own ending!

Thoughtful Thinking

Encourage your child to think of a thoughtful thing they can do for someone else today.

H is for…

Home. Practice writing your home address together!

G is for…

G is for… the color green! Ask your to child point out items around the house that are green.

F is for…

Fruit. Help you child spell their favorite fruits!

E is for…

Exit. Running errands together? Help your child find the EXIT sign.

D is for..

Dinner. At the dinner table, help your child spell out the foods that you’re eating!

C is for…

Can you spell your favorite color?

B is for…

How many objects can you think of that start with the letter B?

Spelling Bee

Challenge your child to spell words they know out loud!


Look up the lyrics to your child’s newest favorite song and learn the words together.


Write a Thank You note together!

A is for…

How many animals can you think of that start with the letter A?

Rhyme Time!

Help your child think of words that rhyme with their favorite animals!

Driving Alphabet

On a long drive, find all the letters of the alphabet on billboards and license plates, and point them out to each other.

I Spy

I spy, with my little eye, something … fun! Play “I Spy” with your kids!

Favorite Quotes

Make a list of the most interesting things your child says this week, and read it to them over the weekend.

Love Notes

Have your child write a letter to their favorite stuffed animal, and then read it aloud!