Snuggle Time

Pick a favorite movie and snuggle up together!


Make up a special handshake that is unique to you and your kid!


Connect with your kid on a deeper level by showing them your old baby pictures!

Love Language

Tell your kid you love them more than their favorite thing: “I love you more than chocolate cupcakes!”

What’s that Feeling?

Have your kid make a face, then guess what feeling they’re expressing. Then it’s your turn to make a feelings face!

Which Lid is Which

Collect 4 empty storage containers with matching lids. Show and explain how to take the lid off and put it back on.

Guess How Many

Guess how many windows and doors are in your house, then count them.

Head Shoulder Knees and Toes

Teach your child “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and indicate the parts of the body as you sing.

Jumping Jacks

Do 10 Jumping Jacks together, and count them!

Grand Tour

Ask your child to give you a tour of your house and show you their favorite spot to play.

New Tastes

Taste a new food. Talk to your child about what it is and what it tastes like.

Muddy Footprints

Leave your tracks in the mud outside and talk about the differences between their footprints and yours!

Dig in the Dirt

Let your child dig in the dirt while you explain what they’re seeing and feeling.

Self Portraits

Draw two self portraits, one with a happy face and one with a sad face. Talk about feelings.

Counting Swings

At the park, count together how many times you push your child on the swings.

Taste & Texture

Let your baby touch and taste different food textures! Talk about each one.

Share a Memory

Sit together and tell your favorite nice story about each other

Nature Walk

Go for a walk together, taking time to feel tree bark, hold a leaf, pinecones or rock, and make scratches in the dirt.

Body Language

Touch parts of baby’s body like their nose, toes, and belly button, and name them as you go!

Look Up!

What shapes can you see together in the clouds?

Heart-Felt Prompt #4

Ask your child to finish the sentence: “I can help others by…”


Start a conversation by asking, “What did you wonder about today?”

Heart-Felt Prompt #4

Ask your child to finish the sentence: “I can help others by…”

Up in the Clouds

Ask you child, “Imagine you could fly, where would you go?”