Heart-Felt Prompt #4

Ask your child to finish the sentence: “I can help others by…”

Heart-Felt Prompt #2

Ask your child to finish the sentence: “My favorite animal is…”

Grocery Shopping

Let your child feel and describe the items that you buy — a cold carton of milk, or the skin of an orange.

Bending and Twisting

Put on some music and try simple yoga moves together. Let your kid lead!

Giddy Up

Give your child a piggy-back ride around the house or the yard.

Just Dance

Have your child make up a silly dance and teach it to you.


Make a feelings book together. Draw pictures that make you feel happy, sad, and silly, and talk about them.

Imitation Game

Watch the faces your baby is making, and imitate them.

Outfit of the Day

Have your child get dressed on their own today, then tell them everything you like about what they picked out.

What’s That Smell?

Go outside together with your eyes closed and name everything you can hear and smell.

Moo moo!

Sing “Old MacDonald” while tickling your baby when you make an animal sound.


Teach your kid what a “bear hug” is!

Heart-Felt Prompt

Ask your kid to finish the sentence: “A friend is someone who…”